4 Simple Tricks – How to become a ‘good’ magazine writer

4 Simple Tricks – How to become a ‘good’ magazine writer

Information is fine, but what makes an article interesting is an Art. And this art is equally important for every kind of writing, regardless of the genre you have been writing for. You may be writing for a news magazine or a business magazine or fashion & lifestyle magazine or may be for technology or kids, or women or sports or health or sports or entertainment magazine… any genre for that matter.

It is not necessary that if you are a serious business or financial magazine writer then to hone your writing skills, you need to read similar kind of magazines or books only. In fact, you can learn from lifestyle magazines or men’s magazine or any respected magazine from various other verticals. That is true that to sharpen your knowledge and updates about your own subject/genre you need to read good books and magazines from your respective genre, but to learn the art of writing, you should go beyond your domain.

If you are open to learn from other magazines (then the first and the biggest hurdle you have already cleared) keep this in your mind that you have not picked up this particular magazine to read, you have to learn from it. You need to know what you should look carefully in order to learn. At the first glance it may not appeal to you and may not interest to you. But, remember your aim for picking up this magazine and go through it as per the following fourguidelines. These four points are key areas where you need to focus when you are reading any article from this magazine.

1. Headline: Read it carefully.
Read it very carefully, read them again… and one more time. Try to figure out the sole intention of the author for putting this particular headline for this article. What is the important characteristic of this headline – Is it inviting? Or is it provoking? Or shaking? Or promising, teasing, pinching, hurting, touching or is it sensational? Because, a headline for a magazine article, plays the most critical role to attract a reader when he is just flipping the pages carelessly.

2. Opening: See the starting lines and the opening paragraph.
Pay your attention to the opening sentences of the article how the author is trying to get you into the story. How is he trying to create your interest to read it further- may be by raising your curiosity in some particular topic or by promising some benefits if you read the complete article.

3. Words: Observe the selection of words.
A good story-teller always takes care of the flow of his story. He knows when a particular element needs to be introduced and how it should be introduced. He carefully selects his words to convey his exact meaning what he wants to say. He maintains the pace and the sequence of information or events in the article so that reader should not feel jerks through his smooth ride of reading the article. Look how the author has added some extra information to add value to the article. Look how does he engages, hooks and controls the attention of the reader using his tone of writing or may be through adding some personal connection with the reader.

4. Ending: Never miss the climax.
Closing is also very important, so never take it easy. Article should not have only a smooth ending but also look how a good author makes sure that his closing is fulfilling the promise he has made though his headline. He ensures that at end of the article, his reader must get some take away from the article.

Once you start reading other good magazines on these grounds, you will start gauging the quality of each article and that eventually improve your own writing skills in return. Whenever you visit to the newsstand next time, pickup a couple of good magazines from different genres and read their articles carefully and learn from them. Someday, somewhere, someone else might be learning ‘the art or writing’ by reading an article in your magazine which is written by you. Cheers!

G S Virdi
Editor and Magazine Consultant

Who is your reader

Who is your reader?

What did you say… you know your reader? Fine, just tell me-

  • Do you know when your magazine gets ready in the press, who picks the copies for the distribution?
  • In how many cities and in which cities he sends the copies for sale?
  • In each city across India, who is the dealer or sub-dealer who receives the copies?
  • Which are the stalls & where are they located where copies finally reach to get sold?
  • Who will be the person, who is going to visit on those stalls, buy & read your magazine which has traveled so far from you via so many hands?

…and sitting here on your computer, you ‘think’ that you know your reader who actually is far away from you and is the last person in this chain??

Think twice… or may be again, before writing next article for him!!!

 G S Virdi
Editor and Magazine Consultant

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मैं हूँ किसान – किसानों की खराब हालत जैसी ही पत्रिका

screen-shot-2017-01-10-at-8-03-03-amइस वर्ष का मेरा पहला रिव्यू, और वह भी हिन्दी भाषा में! संयोग से जो मैगज़ीन रिव्यू के लिए मेरे सम्मुख आई है वह भी हिन्दी भाषा में ही है इसलिए हिन्दी में ही रिव्यू करना और भी सार्थक हो जाता है। यह है हाल ही में शुरु हुई मासिक पत्रिका – ‘मैं हूँ किसान’ जो कि कृषि एवं किसानों से जुड़े विषयों पर सामग्री प्रस्तुत करने के उद्देश्य से जयपुर स्थित हैनिमैन चैरिटेबल मिशन सोसाइटी नामक संस्थान द्वारा प्रकाशित की जा रही है।

मैगज़ीन की हालत बिल्कुल अपने विषय के अनुरूप ही है, कृषि की जैसी दुर्दशा है वैसी ही हालत में यह पत्रिका भी है। मैंने अपने रिव्यूस में पहले भी कहा है कि किसी एक क्षेत्र में अच्छा-खासा अनुभव रखने या संबंधित विषय के बारे में बहुत सी जानकारी-सूचनाएँ एकत्र कर लेने या उस क्षेत्र से संबंधित लोगों-अधिकारियों-विभागों आदि में जान-पहचान हो जाने मात्र से लोगों को अक्सर यह गलतफहमी हो जाती है कि वे उस क्षेत्र में या उस विषय पर एक बढ़िया मैगज़ीन प्रकाशित कर सकते हैं। और बस, उनकी इसी गलतफहमी का परिणाम होता है, ‘मैं हूँ किसान’ जैसी स्तरहीन मैगज़ीन। पूरा रिव्यू पढ़ें

Times What’s Up?!: It’s cool…!

Times Whats Up

Do you remember one of my older reviews about ‘Which Right Choice?’ magazine? It was quite an unusual kind of magazine to help consumers to make buying decision by providing them purely editorial perspective and unbiased verdicts on variety of consumer products and services. The USP of WRC is that they don’t accept any single advertisement or advertorial or sponsored feature (not even for the covers) to put in the magazine to ensure its positioning in readers mind that this magazine is absolutely editorial driven, not the advertisements.

Now ‘Times What’s Up?!’ is recently launched magazine by Times Of India group which is also in the same genre but interestingly it is just opposite to WRC in terms of content. TWU is merely a compilation of advertorials and promotional features except of very editorial articles. A very unique proposition and solves fairly its purpose to help consumers to in buying. Full Review…

Gorgeous Looks: Not looking even averag

Gorgeous Looks

Pratishtha Publication has recently launched this bi-monthly title – ‘Gorgeous Looks’ with the tag line of ‘The Health, Beauty and Lifestyle Magazine’. Now, each one of these three areas from the tag line are so wide and broad that you need to be very careful to decide your boundaries and scopes for the coverage and lifestyle, as I see, is the most misused genre in magazines publishing. Anything which does not fit into any category, that somehow gets a seat in lifestyle category. Exactly same is the variety (?) of content when you go through the issue of GL. You actually get lost and forget what kind of magazine you are reading by the way. Full Review…

Travel with Style: Does not take you anywhere

Travel with Style combined

What comes to your mind when someone promises you to take for a ‘Travel with Style’? Obviously, a stylish and luxurious traveling experience! I also expected the same when I picked up this magazine from newsstand which is launched last month only by Sampan Media Pvt. Ltd. But it wiped out all my expectations from this magazine when I read it thoroughly. Full Review…

Innovation + Win = Innowin: Right Equation?


Everything that is out of the box is not an innovation. It is not necessary always is the result of creativity but also can be because of negligence. This belief of mine became even stronger after going through recently launched magazine – Innowin. The moment I saw the launch issue on the stands, when I picked up the issue in my hands, it looked different but was that enough? Here’s how do I feel about this magazine after going through it closely. Full Review…


Ye lo…framed Indian traveler!


National Geographic Traveller (NGT) is another publication surrounded with yellow frame and has earned same respect for its journalistic values. Its Indian edition is launched by ACK media (very well known for Amar Chitra Katha, Tinkle & Karadi Tales) this month where it has to compete with other existing international & Indian publications like Conde Nast Traveller, Lonely Planet Magazine, Outlook Traveller, Travel Plus, Geo etc to create its own mind-share. Full Review…


Small Medium Entrepreneur: Business of businesses

Small Medium Enterpreneur

‘Franchise India Publication’, the publisher of various other publications like Estate World, The Franchising World, Retailer and many web portals has recently launched a new magazine- Small Medium Entrepreneur. As name suggests itself that it is to target the small & medium sized businesses & entrepreneurs in the country where couple of other magazines already are there to target the same genre. It is quite common of having many magazines from same genre with very similar or resembling titles but at least their treatment should be different if you want to create your own identity. Full Review…

Science for a common man: Popular Science India 


I always see ‘Popular Science’ magazine as a periodical that explains the reality of this scientific universe in simple language to a common and a layman where he lives. It covers every aspect science and technology that touches our day-to-day life and may affect our future. It brings science from scientists’ laboratories to the layman’s level understanding of complicated facts & principles and that is why I prefer to call it ‘People Science’ magazine. Full Review…

Filmfare now available in Hindi… Big deal!


In the launch issue of Hindi edition of Filmfare, Editor Jitesh Pillai has signed off his edit note with- ‘I hope that the same affection & bonding you would share with Hindi edition of Filmfare the way you have been doing for the last sixty years with English edition’. After going through the issue I was surprised if two products are not at same level in terms of editorial quality & seriousness, how can you expect the same kind of treatment & bonding from the consumer for them? In fact, for that matter, any magazine which has no editorial vision or has not done complete editorial ground work or is not serious about its standards or does not understand the content needs of its audience that magazine cannot become a great magazine. Full Review…

Imperfect magazine for a Perfect Woman


Publisher of recently launched magazine- ‘Perfect Woman’ claims that it is aiming at the modern, discerning and sharp focused woman of today. Perfect Woman is the new entrant in the genre of magazine for woman in India which is launched by GGC Ltd. as a monthly magazine. Indian market is already flooded with many Indian & foreign titles like Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Femina, New Woman, Woman’s Era, Elle, Good Housekeeping, Verve and many more. Amongst them, few are fighting to be on top and couple of others are struggling even for their survival,. In that kind of competitive scenario, it becomes even more challenging to come up with an extra ordinarily brilliant product to capture a remarkable market share for you. Full Review…

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