Ten Secrets of Writing Effective Headlines
Most of the time writers stuck for giving an effective headline to their articles. And in the pressure of deadlines or just because of carelessness, they end up with a poor headline. Here are some tested methods which may help you to put better headlines next time…

How to Create an Identity of Your Magazine
Front Cover of any (specially, newsstand based) magazine not only bears the burden of selling the issue, but they also carries much bigger responsibility of creating the personality or identity of the brand.

Ten Secrets to Win Any Argument
An argument is a psychological battle that you can win easily if you make smart moves.

Tips to Accelerate your Sales Through the Content
It is your ability to share great content with your prospects that determines your sales.

Top 100 Magazine Covers from the Past Year
First of its kind of study of 5000+ covers of 400+ Indian magazines that concludes critical insights that are useful for the editors, publishers and the industry. Get your copy of ‘TOP 100 COVERS’ story & reports, Today!

Indian Magazine Cover Face of the Year
Look who has appeared most of the magazine covers in the past year

A Cover Story
A unique study on 5000+ front covers of 400+ Indian magazines that were published in the past year.

Smart City vs. Smart Citizen
Retailing Challenges & Opportunities in Tier 2 & Tier 3 Cities in India (Keynote presentation by G S Virdi during ‘GATES India ICT Reseller Channel Summit 2016’ held in Aamby Valley City, Maharashtra.)