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Digital edition of ‘TOP 100 COVERS’ story & reports based upon the study on 5000+ front covers of 400+ magazines-

1. Main Story – TOP 100 COVERS (2000 words + relevant images for the representation purpose) consisting-

  • Newsstand buyers’ buying trends
  • What is that makes a cover successful
  • Science behind the making great covers
  • Who’s responsible for the front covers
  • Parameters of judging a cover
  • Images of covers

2. Magazines that are consistent and most disciplined in making their covers
 (900 words) consisting-

  • Discipline in using main visuals
  • Consistency in highlighting main cover stories
  • Handling too much text on the cover
  • Colour consistency
  • Mastering the tricks of Mast Head

3. Magazines that need to define their personality 
(950 words) consisting-

  • Understanding the importance of personality
  • How a magazine can create its brand image
  • Risks of not having a personality of a magazine
  • Names of magazines that need to work on their personality
  • How to check if your magazine needs to define its personality

4. Genres that need understand the importance of making good covers 
 (900 words) consisting-

  • Poor business for some magazines: Is it their fate or our fault?
  • Some magazines need to improve their standard of covers
  • Consumer/Newsstand based magazines
  • B2B magazines
  • Popular genre of magazines
  • Close competitor magazines
  • Hindi language magazines

5. Genres that produce better covers in comparison to others 
(440 words) consisting-

  • Most of the covers look same from one genre
  • Producing good covers is habit of magazines from these genres

6. Best practices / trends followed by the TOP 100 COVERS 
(1260 words) consisting-

  • Recipe for the great covers
  • Issue specific perspective of cover making
  • Brand perspective of cover making
  • Genre perspective of cover making
  • Universal Best practices of cover making
  • Top key words for the main cover stories
  • Our rules, our trends of cover making
  • What kind of stories are there on the covers
  • Average number of stories appeared on the covers
  • Most used colours on the covers
  • People photography trends on the covers

7. Cover face of the year 
(300 words) consisting-

  • Male cover face of the year
  • Female cover face of the year

8. Gems & Trivia from the study of TOP 100 COVERS from the past year
 (400 words)

  • 20 interesting observations & insights from the study of TOP 100 COVERS