Services – Others


MAGworld offers various other editorial services as well –

  • Annual Editorial Planning
  • Monthly Editorial Planning
  • Special Issue Planning
  • Magazine Front Cover & Packaging
  • Content Versioning
  • Content Localisation
  • Quality Check on Issue Closing
  • Editorial Staff Training
  • Creating Editorial System Flow Chart

Services – Review on Demand

Review on Demand

MAGworld usually review or critique on newly launched magazines only. That gives readers, advertisers and editorial people a great editorial insight about the publication.

MAGworld also reviews any existing magazine if it is asked by its publisher or editor to do so.

Services – Postmortem


As it’s name suggests itself that we dissect the complete magazine under the microscope… from cover to cover, page by page and word by word.

In this rigorous examination, we go through every text piece, visuals, graphics, photographs, elements and even white spaces and check their correctness and relevance on that page or in the story or even in the magazine.

We mark our comments right there on the erroneous point which helps editors/publishers to correct in next issues.

Services – Redesign


Create / Redefine the personality of the magazine based upon –

  • Serious-but-Informal reader research/reader forums
  • Knowing your reader the way you know your closest friend
  • Identifying the reader’s need
  • Detailed competitive study
  • Industry movement tracing
  • Critical SWOT analysis

Create style sheet for design

  • Guide lines for the covers (Design)
  • Grid & Page layout styles
  • Type face family
  • Styles for basic typography
  • Color schemes
  • Styles for enhancements, boxes, frames, tables, shadows, illustrations, graphics etc.
  • Unique presentation of pillar sections/columns

Services – Restructure


Restructuring involves entire revamp of editorial structure of the magazine with more clarity and sharp focus. It ensures to –

Create/Define/Redefine the personality of the magazine

  • Clear positioning/repositioning of the brand/magazine
  • Provide a USP to the magazine
  • Create a ‘Brand eye’ for the magazine
  • Product direction (growth path)

Create a defined structure of the magazine

  • Structure will make it a robust product
  • Sections/subsections are easy to tweak to match evolving market requirements
  • Specific Needs based sections/subsections
  • The ‘Floor Plan’ of the magazine

Create editorial guide lines

  • Giving ‘Editorial Traits’ to the magazine
  • Definitions of each & every sections/elements of the magazine
  • Detailed descriptions of each sections/elements
  • Guide lines for the covers (Content)
  • Differentiation of various elements from each-other



MAGworld has been providing several editorial services to many of publications on their request. Services include Editorial Consultation, Editorial Restructuring, Redesigning, Postmortem of one of the issue, Editorial Critique, Editorial Quality Control, Editorial System & Processes, Editorial Ideas for Content Versions, Client Services, Special Supplements, Special Issues.

Here are just a few samples (for representational purpose only) from couple of magazines and their inside pages to showcase our quality & the depth of services. Most of the following magazines were gone through this microscopic postmortem on the request from their respective publisher/editor and they have appreciated and taken benefit of this to improve their products.




FORBES (India)

FEMINA (Hindi)


Samples – Overdrive

Samples – Overdrive

*(All the images have been used for representational purpose only)