Who is your reader

Who is your reader?

What did you say… you know your reader? Fine, just tell me-

  • Do you know when your magazine gets ready in the press, who picks the copies for the distribution?
  • In how many cities and in which cities he sends the copies for sale?
  • In each city across India, who is the dealer or sub-dealer who receives the copies?
  • Which are the stalls & where are they located where copies finally reach to get sold?
  • Who will be the person, who is going to visit on those stalls, buy & read your magazine which has traveled so far from you via so many hands?

…and sitting here on your computer, you ‘think’ that you know your reader who actually is far away from you and is the last person in this chain??

Think twice… or may be again, before writing next article for him!!!

 G S Virdi
Editor and Magazine Consultant