Top 100 Covers of the year 2016

TOP 100 INDIAN MAGAZINE COVERS from the year 2016

“A book cannot be judged by its cover while a magazine is always judged by its cover… hence, covers are critical for magazines.”
Releasing soon- TOP 100 COVERS we liked from the past year that were released in India.

Top 200 Covers of 2016 Teaser

Judging parameters for the ‘TOP 100 INDIAN MAGAZINE COVERS’ are considered by the panel of honorary judges –
Visual, Cover Headline, Typography, Copy, Appearance, Production Treatment (Matte, Spot UV, Foiling etc), Fixed Elements (Masthead, Time line, Price, Bar code, QR code etc), Special Elements (Peel out stickers, Badges, Offers, Announcements etc).
First round of shortlisting the cover is completed…300 out of 5000+ covers are on the table.
Releasing soon- TOP 100 COVERS we liked from the past year that were released in India.

First Round Done


TOP 100 Covers of 2016 Teaser on Social Media


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MAGworld also has a blog owned by G S Virdi, Magazine Consultant – that carries the critical reviews of magazines and has got huge liking from the people from publishing and editorial. People have enjoyed these reviews and they have appreciated his efforts at various occasions in these many words –

“…your name should be MAGAZINE SINGH ‘VIRDI’CT
– Colleagues, Friends & well wishers!
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“Nice work Virdi, I really like and follow it regularly. In fact I bought the issue of Lonely Planet Magazine after reading your review only.”
– SAI, Dy. Managing Director, ITP Publishing India
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“Interesting. Thks.
…Very useful stuff. Thks.
…Splendid work. And a good way to communicate the message to the team.
…Very interesting observations for making magazine even better!
…Good one. pl also see latest pc world and do an analysis quickly.
…Good Reviews Virdi. Keep contributing.”
– KRISHNA TEWARI, GM, SIPD, Infomedia India Ltd.
* * * * *

“Dear Virdi sir, it is a wonderful thing you have done to give a detailed review of new magazines. It is a very good learning platform for people in the business of communication.”
– G.V. SREEKUMAR, Associate Professor, IIT Bombay
* * * * *

“Wonderful Virdi sir, I hope the concerned magazine publishers also read these reviews…”
– AMRITA GANGULY SALIAN, Editor, Disney Adventures
* * * * *

“Really good job… it was worth reading :)”
– RAJAT SAHU, Head Global Marketing, Microworld
* * * * *

“Hi Virdi, I enjoy reading all your anecdotes. It is extremely useful to me. We are launching InformationWeek print edition in April. Looking forward to your valuable feedback on InformationWeek. As always, I value your inputs.
…Virdi has a lot of knowledge and experience in the publishing space.”

– BRIAN PEREIRA, Exec. Editor, Informationweek India, UBM Group
* * * * *

“Brilliant! Thanks so much for keeping me in mailing list. Awaiting the 10 page post mortem of Forbes India. Do send soon.”
– DEEPAK AJWANI, Director Online, Forbes India, Network18
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“Absolutely correct Virdi, you are in sink with the current scenario, unfortunately some of the Editors and management are still in the Dinosaur era and will not change. Sad for they will become extinct or the will make the product defunct. Keep writing and posting.
…Thanks pal very interesting… Awaiting your view on Forbes. Well you seem to be now getting a lot of page views on Linkedin as a lot of my friends read your postings.”
– KAISER FARUQI, National Head – B2B,
* * * * *

“Hey Virdi, I am going to enjoy this!! Cheers”
– SENTHIL CHENGALVARAYAN, Group Editor, Network18 Ltd.
* * * * *

“Interesting stuff Virdi”
– NABJEET GANGULI, Head-Mkting & Busi. Dev., Reed Infomedia India Limited
* * * * *

“Virdi, now we need the ‘VIRDI’CT on the Indian edition of Stuff. Their issue is just out.”
– DEEPAK DHINGRA, Editor, T3 India
* * * * *

“Really detailed & nice review – it is always a pleasure to read your words – thank for sharing. I will definitely look at the design perspectives you are pointing out. Humm… after reading your review, I think I need a serious re-look on the design once again!”
– JAYAN NARAYANAN, Sr. Creative Director, 9dot9 Media Pvt. Ltd.
* * * * *

“Thanks for the review! Could you give me some specifics on what you thought was wrong with the cover?
…Any other bits we could improve?”
– VARDHAN KONDVIKAR, Editor, Lonely Planet Magazine, WWM Media Pvt Ltd.
* * * * *

“Awesome reviews…Keep it up sir! Plan to publish these as a book”
– SUNDER THIYAGARAJAN, GM, Circulation & Subscription, Network18 Ltd.
* * * * *

“Virdi, Thanks for your regular updates on ‘whats hot and whats not’…”
– CHITRA PANDIT, Marketing Manager, Better Interior, Infomedia India Ltd.
* * * * *

“This is interesting. Was just wondering if you could do a compilation of all the magazines you review. It would give a lot of insight into what works and what does not for the magazines.”
– K MADHAVAN PILLAI, Editor, Better Photography, Infomedia18 Ltd.
* * * * *

“Quite useful info oops links. Highly appreciate your resourcefulness and sharing among the group.”
– MANAS BASTIA, Editor, SIPD (B2B), Infomedia18 Ltd.
* * * * *

“Welcome to the Editgroup!! And surely you jest when you say that that you wouldn’t dare teach us anything–you have more experience in the editorial process than most people in the industry!
Friends, Virdi has had years of editorial experience in a very special area of publishing–that of formulating special interest titles in our national language, thereby resulting in far wider reach to our audiences across the nation. I’ve had the opportunity to work with him in a previous assignment and am confident that he will work his magic here at Infomedia as well. Believe me, there’s plenty to be learnt from him in editorial process, brand positioning and content structure–if there’s an intelligent Sardar, Virdi is the one!  ;-)”
– MARCO ANGELO D’SOUZA, Editor, CHIP, Infomedia18 Ltd.
* * * * *

“How come Virdi sahib, I don’t see your review of the Forbes India magazine.”
– DINESH KRISHNAN, Director Photography, Forbes India, Network18 Ltd.
* * * * *

“Very interesting – and insightful!
…Virdi, Can you pull out a few magazines and see what’s the best practice? Let’s then standardize this for all our magazines.
…Virdi + Team Overdrive! Well done. All credit to you!
…Thanks. Glad you liked it. Whats the virdict on the Careers360 mag? Keen to see your review!”
– PRAKASH IYER, Managing Director, Infomedia India Limited
* * * * *

“I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.”
– MARGARET LE VAN DOMINGUEZ, Artist and Designer
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“Great job sirji…”
– KAUSHIK CHAKRAVORTY, Freelance Photographer
* * * * *

“Virdi Sir, it was interesting to read your analysis, I did visit your site sometime back, great work…”
– A.R.IYER, Exec. Vice President, Infomedia18 Press
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“Dear Virdi, amazing compilation…U r cut above the class u have proved it again!!”
– MICKY NEELAM KACHHAP, Deputy Editor, Modern Medicare, Infomedia18 Ltd.
* * * * *

“Sirji, Can you please review the anniversary issue of CHIP. The feedback would certainly be useful.”
– PUNIT LODHAYA, AM Operations,, Network18 Ltd.
* * * * *

“Sir, where is your virdict on Vogue?”
– SAJITH PAI, Special Projects & New Initiatives, Infomedia18 Ltd.
* * * * *

“I found your insights and thoughts on the magazine very useful… The part I really loved about your review is of course the virdict at the end of it. Look forward to more such reviews on magazines.”
– SURAJIT AGARWAL, Managing Editor, CHIP &, Network18 Ltd.
* * * * *

“What do you make out of Forbes – India?
…Any magazine till date that received a five star rating from you?
…Many thanks for adding my personal ID for your reviews. Deeply appreciated.
…You can do me one favor, can you evaluate JCK (a very honest appraisal) in a similar fashion and show me your ranking?
…I can see huge amount of efforts in this. The presentation made perfect sense to me. I believe we at Reed have a lot to learn from this presentation :-)”
– SURESH RAMAKRISHNAN, Head, Reed-Infomedia.
* * * * *

“I really admire how well you review each magazine. Why don’t you do that with our in-house magazines as well? Each team will really benefit from your evaluation. Me and Deepak would love if you could do an analysis of T3 whenever you’ve got free time.”
– TRUPTI GHAG, Feature Editor, T3, Infomedia18 Ltd.
* * * * *

“I’m a regular reader of your blog. And basically wanted to send across the magazine I work for, it’s called platform. we’re a contemporary arts bi-monthly magazine. This is our 5th year in circulation, and it would be wonderful to hear your thoughts on the same.”
– SHAHNAZ SIGANPORIA, Features Editor, Platform
* * * * *


Round 2 Completed: 300 TOP COVERS are shortlisted!
Top 100 Indian Magazine Covers

साल 2017 में भारत में रीलीज़ हुई 5000 से भी अधिक इंगलिश और हिन्दी मैगज़ीनों में से ‘टॉप 100 मैगज़ीन कवर’ जल्दी ही आ रहे हैं! देखिए, क्या आपकी मैगज़ीन या आपकी पसंदीदा मैगज़ीन का कवर इसमें अपनी जगह बना पाता है?
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Indian Magazine Covers We Liked in Jan 2018

 Releasing soon…
Top 100 Indian magazine covers from the year 2017Teaser Top 100 Covers 2017 for FB

Top Ten Indian magazine covers from the month of
August 2017

Newsstand Observations

IMG-20171022-WA0022MAIN HU KISAN - Sep 2017 
The most pathetic cover of any magazine I have seen so far! 
   Just look at the masthead - Main Hu Kisan, and then look at the main visual and the cover stories(?). Do you see any connection between the genre of the magazine (as its title suggests) and the main visual? It happens when a magazine is managed by a person with no publishing & editorial skills. 
   As a magazine critic, all I can say on this cover - What were they thinking?  
Anniversary vs regular issues of BPBETTER PHOTOGRAPHY - Jun 2017
They should realise that in order to make ‘zara hatke’ (or call it ‘extra ordinary’ cover) for the ‘special’ (anniversary) issue, they actually produce the worse cover! Look at the regular covers (All on the Right); they are focused, logical, thoughtful, disciplined, branded and are still creative unlike the ‘special’ cover (on the Left). In the name of ‘special’ you cannot do just whatever you want to do… at least the regular covers have strong connection between the theme of the issue, the main visual and the main cover story. Latest cover of BP anniversary issue is not even aesthetically pleasing.
Badly designed Maxim Hot 100 CoverMAXIM - Jun/Jul 2017
One more badly designed cover! MAXIM’s 'HOT 100’ special issue…A good photograph… but poor visualisation…unattractive copy for the cover stories… weight imbalance… very indisciplined & basic mistakes of making a great cover of a special issue… looks very shallow issue by looking at this cover (Left). Some of the past covers (all on the Right) were great in comparison to this current issue… even that ‘only text’ cover was also better at least that one had minimum elements on the covers and therefore there was lesser scope left for the creative team for creating mistakes.
Indian Naked cover vs Foreign MagazinesELLE - May 2017
Still lot to learn before Indian magazines go for such covers (left) in the line of foreign magazines (all on the right). This could be a great cover of ELLE (India) but they just spoiled the opportunity.
Top 200 Indian magazines covers from the year 2016
Top 100 Indian magazine covers from the year 2013TOP 100 COVERS - FB Ad pg1