Top 100 Covers of the year 2016

TOP 100 INDIAN MAGAZINE COVERS from the year 2016

“A book cannot be judged by its cover while a magazine is always judged by its cover… hence, covers are critical for magazines.”
Releasing soon- TOP 100 COVERS we liked from the past year that were released in India.

Top 200 Covers of 2016 Teaser

Judging parameters for the ‘TOP 100 INDIAN MAGAZINE COVERS’ are considered by the panel of honorary judges –
Visual, Cover Headline, Typography, Copy, Appearance, Production Treatment (Matte, Spot UV, Foiling etc), Fixed Elements (Masthead, Time line, Price, Bar code, QR code etc), Special Elements (Peel out stickers, Badges, Offers, Announcements etc).
First round of shortlisting the cover is completed…300 out of 5000+ covers are on the table.
Releasing soon- TOP 100 COVERS we liked from the past year that were released in India.

First Round Done


TOP 100 Covers of 2016 Teaser on Social Media

Top 100 Covers of the Year 2013


(click on ‘Left’ image for the 100 covers and click on ‘Right’ for the detailed reports, useful insights & key findings of this unique study of 5000+ covers and 400+ Indian magazines)

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Digital edition of ‘TOP 100 COVERS’ story & reports based upon the study on 5000+ front covers of 400+ magazines-

1. Main Story – TOP 100 COVERS (2000 words + relevant images for the representation purpose) consisting-

  • Newsstand buyers’ buying trends
  • What is that makes a cover successful
  • Science behind the making great covers
  • Who’s responsible for the front covers
  • Parameters of judging a cover
  • Images of covers

2. Magazines that are consistent and most disciplined in making their covers
 (900 words) consisting-

  • Discipline in using main visuals
  • Consistency in highlighting main cover stories
  • Handling too much text on the cover
  • Colour consistency
  • Mastering the tricks of Mast Head

3. Magazines that need to define their personality 
(950 words) consisting-

  • Understanding the importance of personality
  • How a magazine can create its brand image
  • Risks of not having a personality of a magazine
  • Names of magazines that need to work on their personality
  • How to check if your magazine needs to define its personality

4. Genres that need understand the importance of making good covers 
 (900 words) consisting-

  • Poor business for some magazines: Is it their fate or our fault?
  • Some magazines need to improve their standard of covers
  • Consumer/Newsstand based magazines
  • B2B magazines
  • Popular genre of magazines
  • Close competitor magazines
  • Hindi language magazines

5. Genres that produce better covers in comparison to others 
(440 words) consisting-

  • Most of the covers look same from one genre
  • Producing good covers is habit of magazines from these genres

6. Best practices / trends followed by the TOP 100 COVERS 
(1260 words) consisting-

  • Recipe for the great covers
  • Issue specific perspective of cover making
  • Brand perspective of cover making
  • Genre perspective of cover making
  • Universal Best practices of cover making
  • Top key words for the main cover stories
  • Our rules, our trends of cover making
  • What kind of stories are there on the covers
  • Average number of stories appeared on the covers
  • Most used colours on the covers
  • People photography trends on the covers

7. Cover face of the year 
(300 words) consisting-

  • Male cover face of the year
  • Female cover face of the year

8. Gems & Trivia from the study of TOP 100 COVERS from the past year
 (400 words)

  • 20 interesting observations & insights from the study of TOP 100 COVERS


Round 2 Completed: 300 TOP COVERS are shortlisted!
Top 100 Indian Magazine Covers

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A Couple of Noticeable Magazine Covers from this month

Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 4.57.59 AM

Indian Magazine Covers We Liked in Jan 2018

 Releasing soon…
Top 100 Indian magazine covers from the year 2017Teaser Top 100 Covers 2017 for FB

Top Ten Indian magazine covers from the month of
August 2017

Newsstand Observations

IMG-20171022-WA0022MAIN HU KISAN - Sep 2017 
The most pathetic cover of any magazine I have seen so far! 
   Just look at the masthead - Main Hu Kisan, and then look at the main visual and the cover stories(?). Do you see any connection between the genre of the magazine (as its title suggests) and the main visual? It happens when a magazine is managed by a person with no publishing & editorial skills. 
   As a magazine critic, all I can say on this cover - What were they thinking?  
Anniversary vs regular issues of BPBETTER PHOTOGRAPHY - Jun 2017
They should realise that in order to make ‘zara hatke’ (or call it ‘extra ordinary’ cover) for the ‘special’ (anniversary) issue, they actually produce the worse cover! Look at the regular covers (All on the Right); they are focused, logical, thoughtful, disciplined, branded and are still creative unlike the ‘special’ cover (on the Left). In the name of ‘special’ you cannot do just whatever you want to do… at least the regular covers have strong connection between the theme of the issue, the main visual and the main cover story. Latest cover of BP anniversary issue is not even aesthetically pleasing.
Badly designed Maxim Hot 100 CoverMAXIM - Jun/Jul 2017
One more badly designed cover! MAXIM’s 'HOT 100’ special issue…A good photograph… but poor visualisation…unattractive copy for the cover stories… weight imbalance… very indisciplined & basic mistakes of making a great cover of a special issue… looks very shallow issue by looking at this cover (Left). Some of the past covers (all on the Right) were great in comparison to this current issue… even that ‘only text’ cover was also better at least that one had minimum elements on the covers and therefore there was lesser scope left for the creative team for creating mistakes.
Indian Naked cover vs Foreign MagazinesELLE - May 2017
Still lot to learn before Indian magazines go for such covers (left) in the line of foreign magazines (all on the right). This could be a great cover of ELLE (India) but they just spoiled the opportunity.
Top 200 Indian magazines covers from the year 2016
Top 100 Indian magazine covers from the year 2013TOP 100 COVERS - FB Ad pg1