Restructuring involves entire revamp of editorial structure of the magazine with more clarity and sharp focus. It ensures to –

Create/Define/Redefine the personality of the magazine

  • Clear positioning/repositioning of the brand/magazine
  • Provide a USP to the magazine
  • Create a ‘Brand eye’ for the magazine
  • Product direction (growth path)

Create a defined structure of the magazine

  • Structure will make it a robust product
  • Sections/subsections are easy to tweak to match evolving market requirements
  • Specific Needs based sections/subsections
  • The ‘Floor Plan’ of the magazine

Create editorial guide lines

  • Giving ‘Editorial Traits’ to the magazine
  • Definitions of each & every sections/elements of the magazine
  • Detailed descriptions of each sections/elements
  • Guide lines for the covers (Content)
  • Differentiation of various elements from each-other