MAGworld has a larger vision to help everyone who is connected to the magazines and publishing industry. Right from the publishers to the editorial people, writers, art directors, designers, vendors, magazine stores and readers.

It has a mission to help existing magazines to grow and do better business at the same time providing readers the best quality of content to read.

MAGworld was started in the year 2009 with providing its consultation services to one of existing national magazine. Today it has a list of more than a dozen of print publications who have taken its services at various levels. Our services broadly range from magazine conceptualization, magazine restructuring, redesigning, magazine feedback and strict editorial quality control.

MAGworld team comprises of experienced editors, art directors, writers and designers who have just single passion – MAGAZINES.

All of you have already liked in last couple of years and now is the next step towards our big mission for the magazine industry and its people. Look forward for many things which are in the pipeline as of now- our magazines, awards, events, workshops and websites.

Keep reading magazines!

G S VIRDI - Professional Snapshot 2016 - 5

For any query write to us at or call us at +91 98193 00669.